Archive | August, 2010

APK: GPS Status

21 Aug

Display your GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellites. Check your position, GPS accuracy, speed, acceleration and bearing. Includes a compass showing both magnetic and true north. Use it as a leveling tool or share your location with friends. Mark your location and navigate back later.


APK: App 2 SD

21 Aug

“App 2 SD” helps you to move apps to either external or internal storage thru’ the system Settings.

★ list movable apps in icon view
★ ease of moving apps to SD card
★ show app used size, storages total/avail size

APK: Android System Info

21 Aug

ASI provides a lot of technical infos(Hardware, System, Telephony…),
Task Manager and more.

APK: iQuran

21 Aug

Read the Holy Quran in Arabic alongside its English Translation. Provides verse by verse audio playback, repeat functions, bookmarks, excellent navigational controls and much more.

APK: myRemote

18 Aug

Simply the best remote control for Windows Media Centre available for android.

APK: USB Webcam

18 Aug

Use your phone as a USB Webcam on your PC! Save $ and reduce clutter!

APK: Yahoo! Music Radio

18 Aug

Listen to your favorite Yahoo! and CBS Radio stations while on the go. Not available for Singapore but application can be run in Singapore.