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Twitter Applications for Android

16 May

I’ve been using Twidroid since the day I registered a twitter account. I decided to remove it when Twitter officially launched their own application. I love the user interface with the replied links and also all the external links goes directly to the websites when i clicked on them.

I had to try on other applications since the application did not auto update (or stop updating maybe because of busy network) when i clicked on the “Tweets” icon. I had to manually refresh it! Do something Twitter! Other features are “Lists”, “Mentions”, “Retweets”, “Direct messages” and “My profile”.

I did install Seesmic and find it quite dull and no much features available. But it auto updates! Goodbye Seesmic.

Lastly I tried Touiteur. It also auto updates the tweets and the user interface are nice. But the external links did not directly go to the websites. Hate tapping twice to go to the external links. One tip is to press on the tweet for a while before it open the website.


Listening To Singapore Radio Stations on Android Phone.

12 May

I had already added the links in my account. You need to set up a free account and search for the “MediaCorp” stations you want to listen and save them as favorites.

Once you have all your favorite stations saved to My Stations; from your mobile browser go to “” Log in with your yourmuze info and go to your My Stations list.

Click on the station you want to hear and choose the native Android Video player to start streaming the live station. Enjoys.