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Hacking Acer System Recovery password

27 Jan

The Windows Vista harddisk partition on my niece Acer Travelmate 6291 went corrupt. Since the dvd drive is having problem with the backup recovery disks, I decided to load the Acer System Recovery partition by holding the Alt key and press the F10 key simultaneously at the white ACER BIOS screen.

To my surprise, the computer prompt me to enter a password string when I clicked on the “Restore to Factory Default Settings” option after the eRecovery has loaded.

Did some googling on the net and found that the password was stored in the “aimdrs.dat” file located at PQSERVICE hidden partition.

Using Ubuntu 9.10 Linux Live CD, I unhidden the PQSERVICE partition by changing the partition type to “HPFS/NTFS (0x07)” from the Paimpset Disk Utility. The original value was “Unknown (0x27)”.

Found the “aimsdrs.dat” file from the root folder of the PQSERVICE partition. Using the Ubuntu ptedit to open the “aimsdrs.dat” file, I recovered the password.

I hidden back the PQSERVICE partition using the Paimpset Disk Utility to “Empty (0x00)”

Using Ubuntu GParted, I recreated the “C:\” partition. Then I did a reboot and entered the eRecovery menu.

Clicked on the “Restore to Factory Default Settings” option and entered the recovered password, the eRecovery process restored a fully functional factory image in approximately 10 minutes.

Reboot the computer after the eRecovery and voila, I have a new Windows Vista.

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Turning off Nexus One camera sound

21 Jan

One way is to mute the volume on the phone. The other way is permanently delete the file at /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg.

The problem I have is the file is read only file and ASTRO File Manager could not delete it. I think the only way to delete it is to use Android Debug Bridge and sent these commands:

1) adb remount
2) adb shell rm /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg.

My problem now, I do not know how to use that ADB!

Nexus One Singapore

19 Jan

Ordered my Nexus One on January 9 2010 through the Google’s online shop. The phone and shipping cost me US$529.00 + US$28.32 = US$557.32 * 1.42250412689298787052321825881 = SG$792.79. I still need to pay the government 7% gst (SG$51.80) and DHL Express handling fee of SG$10. So the total cost I paid for the phone is SG$854.59. You may need to pay another US$19.99 if you did not remove the AC adapter.

My order was shipped by DHL international on January 12 from Northeast Indianapolis, IN. Reached Cincinnati Hub, OH on the 13th. Reached Hong Kong on the 14th and finally reached Singapore on the 15th.

DHL Express Singapore delivered the package to my home at 1pm where I was not aware that they are coming to deliver the package until i checked the tracking detail at 5pm. It stated that the package was delivered.

My old handicap mother was in the house. By the time my mother opened the door, they had already left leaving a note behind.

I should had called them and scheduled the date and time when it reached Singapore. When i found that the package was not delivered, I made a call to DHL Express and requested them to deliver it the next day between 3pm to 5pm.

On the 16th, I waited untill 4.55pm, the package was still not delivered. I made another call to them and found out that the package was still at their warehouse and not scheduled for delivery. I was quite angry and requested them to sent it ASAP. Luckily a guy was free to sent the package at 6pm. The next schedule time is at 7pm to 10pm. The next schedule day is on Monday.

Google Nexus One

6 Jan

Google announced the Nexus One, a phone designed and built by HTC. I was thinking of buying the Apple iPhone 3GS, but since that a lot of people are using the iPhone, why not I try this new Android 2.1 phone?

For now, I can buy it online through their online store that cost US$529.00 without the shipping cost. But i guess StarHub, SingTel and MobileOne will be bringing in the handset to their retail channels with a better subsidized price plans soon.

What rocks this phone compared to the iPhone 3GS are the 5 megapixel camera (iPhone 3meg), 11.5 millimeters thick (iPhone 12.3mm), 130 grams (iPhone 135g), Qualcomm 1 GHz processor (iPhone 833 MHz underclocked to 600 MHz), 512MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM (iPhone 256 MB eDRAM and the 3.7-inch panel is an AMOLED display with an 800 x 480-pixel resolution (iPhone 320 × 480 px, 3.5 in).

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