Spyware PopUp

24 Apr

<script LANGUAGE=”JavaScript”>
var bv= navigator.appVersion;var ie=0;if (bv.substring(22,23)>=4){ie=1;}
var g_fIsSP2 = false;
g_fIsSP2 = (window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf(“SV1″) != -1);
if (g_fIsSP2) {
} else {
<BODY topmargin=”0″ leftmargin=”0″ bgcolor=”#ECE9D8″>
<map name=”Links”>
<area href=”” target=”_blank” shape=”rect” coords=”170, 63, 239, 80″>
<area href=”” target=”_blank” shape=”rect” coords=”251, 63, 320, 80″>
</map><img src=”spyware2.gif” border=”0″ usemap=”#Links” width=”491″ height=”94″>


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