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Starhub MaxOnline Express Lagging?

27 Jan

Since the 1st day of year 2008, my Starhub MaxOnline Express is becoming slower and slower. Starhub said that they had enhanced MaxOnline Express download speeds to 8Mbps; I do not feel any speed boost, but a noticed the surfing speed had decrease a lot.

This week, I’m getting the worst ever crawling speed till yesterday I can even surf the net. Today morning I steal/borrow my neighbour MaxOnline Premium broadband and found that my neighbour also had a bad connection. While connecting the Wi-Fi, I saw my next door neighbour is now using a Wi-Fi with their door unit numbers as their Wi-Fi name. I guess they are using Starhub MaxOnline too since my internet was so bad starting from yesterday.

I called the Starhub 1633 at 3 plus and told them to check what had happened to my connection. No updates from them until now. Thinking of downgrading to surf lite or terminating my internet soon.

Starhub download test tool here. Wondering where is the upload test tool?

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Michelle Chia’s White Underpants!

4 Jan

The sexy Michelle Chia (photo from TNP).

Michelle Chia accidentally exposed her ‘granny pants’ during the Countdown 2008 party at VivoCity. A sick Chee Ko Pek had spread a slow-motion video clip of the slip-up all over the internet!

Michelle Chia’s ‘granny pants’ photo (photo from TNP).

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