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Thanks And Goodbye 2007!

31 Dec

Nothing much have I done on this year. Spend some of my hard work salary on a LG 12′ notebook, 3-in-1 printer and a Home Theatre System. Went KL with Imraneo and Amino on April, managed to see Formula 1 at Sepang International Circuit and visit the casinos at Genting Highlands. Bought 3 new domains (, and for online money making. Managed to earn some money from Nuffnang, Adsense, TLA, ReviewMe and PayPerPost.

On January this year, I wrote about buying a new bike, but I did not managed to find the one that I like. Next year I’m thinking of buying a car instead. Maybe I go with the Suzuki Swift or Mazda March 3. Buying car will depend only if I got a good better salary, near and free parking at the company. I also wrote about getting a girlfriend. Next year instead of a girlfriend, I’m looking for a wife lor.

Anyway, Goodbye 2007. Not a bad year although this year more and more people left the company. No pre-celebration on Christmas and New Year as the guy who always organised it had already left us.


Malay’s 1st Online Porn Magazine

30 Dec


Almost every day, I got at least a visitor who is looking for Malay’s online porn magazine called “Jurnal Hitam”. The “Jurnal Hitam” that mean “Black Journal” website has been online since May this year.

You may not find anything at the site, but you will receive emails of their weekly magazine in a pdf file format if you subscribed online. The colourful magazines are believed being made in Malaysia.

Click here to have a peek of that site.

Crazy Butt Bouncing Video!

28 Dec

Butt bouncing for more than 2 minutes! Damn, she crazy or what? Enjoy the dance.