Archive | February, 2005

Javascript Links

28 Feb

Javascript : Calender

JavaScript Source

JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript 1.2 in Navigator 4.01

Javascript include file creator


Php Links

28 Feb

PHP : Watermark

PHP : Radio Blog

PHP : 0php

PHP : Weberdev

PHP : Totally Php

PHP : Skriptarchiv

PHP : Zend


PHP : Simple Gallery

PHP : Simple PHP Blog

PHP : Navboard

PHP : OpenSourceCMS

PHP : Zip File Functions

PHP : PhpConcept Library Zip

PHP : PHP Skript Archiv

PHP : SkriptArchiv – File Manipulation

Remove Line Underneath Links

1 Feb

Want to get rid of the line underneath your links? You can remove them easily by adding the following code between the </title> and </head> tags in your page.

<style type=”text/css”><!–A:link {text-decoration:none}
A:visited {text-decoration:none}–> </style>